Learn how to become a programmer with 99 hours of training for $35


The Internet of Things is quickly becoming the Internet of Everything. People are using smart devices to keep their schedules, water their plants, and keep their homes safe. And as the demand for these smart gadgets increases, so will the need for programmers who can make them smarter.

So if you’re hoping to embark on a fun and lucrative career, IoT is an up-and-coming corner of the tech industry, and the 2022 Complete Coding and Automation Learning Pack is a great introduction.

This collection of eight online courses, perfect for those with minimal coding experience, promises skills that are hardly basic. Classes are taught by a dream team of IT professors and tech entrepreneurs, and although they are geared towards the world of big data and automation, the skills you learn can be an asset to any CV in programming.

No modern programmer can go far without knowing Python, and the introductory course here is a highlight. It teaches by letting new coders write their own increasingly complex software, and users walk away with their own web scrapers and desktop GUIs. Beginner courses for Rust and C++ take a similar hands-on approach, delivering advanced concepts in a few hours each.

Once you master the languages, you can put those skills to good use in the Big Data field. These advanced courses are where you will learn about the neural networks that enable today’s algorithms to remember on the fly and even predict user needs. Then, learn about popular tools like Google Assistant and Apple Home, and learn how to build your own apps for the technology of the future.

PCMag readers can get lifetime access to the Complete 2022 Coding and Automation Learning Pack for $34.99, which is 97% off the MSRP of $1,600.

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