Barclays Strengthens Delaware Presence with Investments in Talent, Real Estate and Philanthropy


“We have demonstrated a solid history of growth over the past 20 years thanks to our anchoring in Wilmington, going from a small start-up to the ninth largest card issuer in United States,” noted Denny nealon, CEO, Barclays US Consumer Bank. “As we continue to innovate and grow, we want to strengthen our relationships with our colleagues and partners in Delaware who helped make this possible. “

To support the strategic ambitions and continued growth of the business, Barclays US Consumer Bank plans to hire 1,000 new employees across the country over the next 18 months, including more than 300 positions based in Wilmington.

A groundbreaking ceremony at 125 South West Street near Wilmington Riverfront today marked renovations to the company’s newly acquired building, which was purchased in October after leasing it for 13 years.

A recently developed Partner Center will allow the bank to organize collaborative meetings with many business and community partners. The building also has a renovated lobby and space designed to provide colleagues with experiential opportunities focused on health and wellness, such as exercise and cooking classes. Other updates include a new tech bar for improved IT support, open collaborative workspaces, an updated cafeteria dining room, and upgrades to the building’s technology infrastructure.

“We have created a modern, world-class environment with a variety of new amenities designed to help our colleagues do their best to support our partners, customers and community,” said Nealon.

At the event, Barclays announced a $ 1 million donation to support Delaware State University The new Global Institute for Equity, Inclusion and Civil Rights, a network designed to develop and share proven pathways to transform communities of color and bridge the gap to an inclusive economy.

Develop and deepen relationships with historically black colleges and universities such as Delaware State University is a key part of Barclays’ Race at Work action plan, which was launched last year to provide additional attention and support to programs dedicated to tackling racial inequalities.

“This donation to the Global Institute for Equity, Inclusion and Civil Rights will help us address the systemic issues plaguing our society,” said Dr. Tony Allen, President, Delaware State University. “Barclays has been a staunch supporter of us for 10 years, and their unwavering commitment to supporting our students and our programs has had a tremendous impact on our mission. “

Barclays recently announced several important transactions, including the renewal of its partnership with JetBlue, the planned acquisition of Gap Inc. $ 4 billion credit card wallet and partnering with Amount, a leading provider of technology for financial institutions, to enter the buy now, pay later space. Barclays also launched a new line of co-branded credit cards for AARP members earlier this year.

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