Increase The Number Of Mortgage Loans

Within previous articles we currently saw some very clear associated with economic recovery where one of many indicators is of course the particular granting of mortgage loans that will, after a few years of recession within the sector, it seems that banks possess reopened the mortgage marketplace in Spain.

Even though we can not venture in order to speak of a clear recovery even though the figures are enhancing, the truth is that compared to prior years the number of mortgage loans associated with rural, urban and home properties have increased. Unquestionably, good news after almost 10 years immersed in one of the worst downturn in the world.

Data degree

In January of the year alone, more than twenty-seven, 000 home mortgages had been signed, which represents a rise of almost 17% within the interannual rate, reaching over 3. 00 million pounds. The average amount of these can be 112, 844 euros having an increase of 6. 4% per year since in the exact same period of the previous year i was with an amount of 106, 1000 euros. It already appears that those exorbitant mortgage loans had been left behind, which also required not only the amount of housing yet an additional amount for decorating, vacations, renovations, etc . Today, statistics show how we home loan to pay for housing and not more than that.

If you consider the Autonomous Communities and as generally happens, the growth is extremely different between them. The highest prices are Navarra, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura while on the contrary side we find, for example , the particular Canary Islands, the Basque Nation and Asturias. In The month of january of this year, which is the time we have chosen as a research, it was Andalusia and This town that were in the lead then Catalonia. It is not surprising they are the places where a lot more operations are registered because they are communities with a lot of financial activity.

Regarding the typical term of these mortgage loans

We are approximately 23 years of age and where more than 63% are constituted at an adjustable rate and the remaining 36% at a fixed rate, therefore the Euribor remains the indication with the highest reference One of the Spanish.

Nevertheless , although the data is undoubtedly optimistic for the sector, financial professionals cannot venture to talk about an obvious recovery because data can change very quickly and the scenario is not consolidated even if the development is positive. And it is the fact that situation of our country within economic terms is still extremely stagnant and if not we all just have to go to the total number associated with unemployed and economic development that is still very slower. Job creation is one of our own pending tasks so the scenario is difficult but the real estate property sector can be one of the signals that show that the scenario can be reversed.

On the other hand, the ground clauses formally declared illegal by the Courtroom of Justice of the Eu have been a respite for a lot of Spaniards but to be more clear they will also be the reason why the following mortgage loans will become more expensive which the conditions established by banking entities are much more exhaustive.

Remember that before establishing such a lengthy relationship with a financial institution you need to analyze all the conditions perfectly so we recommend:

  • Have a good settlement capacity.
  • Research the interest rate that greatest suits each situation perfectly: fixed, variable or combined. The fixed interest rate offers that stability and protection but the variable rate of interest can grant us in certain periods of time cheaper but also more costly installments. Therefore , mixed is normally one of the most used alternatives these days. In any case, market trends as well as the individual economic situation will have to be analyzed in order to know which one is most effective in each situation.
  • Analyze commissions (opening, subrogation early amortization
    ) as well as the expenditures that are had when the home loan is formalized and of course in order to verify that it does not consist of any ground clause.
  • Know the type of associated products that we also obtain such as insurance, pension programs, possible direct debit associated with payroll, credit cards, etc .
    On a few occasions the conditions enforced are so high that it will not compensate to sign the particular mortgage loan.

Understanding everything

You can curently have a broader vision associated with mortgage loans in our country, the trend and current circumstance so that, in any case, you can always have the ability to the information available and learn read more about how it can affect your individual situation.

Within Ketty Sarias one of the main missions is the one and only having you informed regarding all the news of the financial sector and being able to give you the best tools for your monetary operations. For this, we have the comparator of fast financial loans, bank accounts and credit cards to enable you to obtain in real time and up-to-date the conditions of each from the products and you can always choose the one which best suits your financial needs. In addition , through your blog you can always stay informed of all of the news and thus not only manage your domestic economy with all the advice of our team associated with financial professionals, but also to find out the situation of the economy in a general level.

And remember, do not miss one of the financial news and the recommendations to improve your household economy every week in our weblog.

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