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The government is trying to stimulate the reduction of energy consumption in our homes. She does this by, among other things, granting a subsidy on loans, when you work on limiting energy consumption in your home. Are you going to get started with green measures? Then there is a good chance that you will be eligible for a green loan. You close this in a relatively advantageous way, so that the interest rate will generally be lower than with a regular credit.

A green loan is a form of a personal loan. If you take out a green loan, you will immediately receive an available credit to, for example, have a renovation carried out in the context of a good environment. You can for example think of energy saving, the generation of green and sustainable energy or water saving. The adjustments that are necessary, however, cost money. The Belgian government compensates for this by providing subsidies.

This arrangement makes installing solar panels, for example, extra attractive. You can borrow money cheaply for the placement of the panels, and then the investment pays for itself. You know where you stand with the clear terms and conditions of the loan. You pay at a fixed low interest rate on predetermined terms. The investment will pay for itself in the near future! Of course, other renovation or renovation work is also eligible for the granting of the green loan.

Grant on a loan

Grant on a loan

Of course you can only take out a green loan if you actually intend to make (or have made) positive adjustments to your house or garden in an ecological sense. You can think of having double glazing installed, improving the insulation of your house or installing solar panels. These are all examples of renovations or renovations that claim a green loan. Moreover, you yourself will benefit from this in the longer term!

The money that you borrow to make the renovation possible is provided with a subsidy. The Belgian government decides this, because the environment is in everyone’s interest. Both the current Belgian population and future generations must be able to live in a clean and healthy world. Fossil fuels are running out, so we have to be careful with our energy and, if possible, we need to generate sustainable energy. People who consciously opt for such measures can therefore count on extra support.

Thanks to the subsidy scheme, the green loan has a relatively low interest rate. So you can borrow money cheaper than with a regular personal loan. This makes the choice for ‘green measures’ extra interesting!

What can I do with a green loan?

What can I do with a green loan?

There are various energy-saving measures that you can have implemented with the budget obtained by the green loan. This concerns, for example, maintenance and possible replacement of the boiler, the installation of solar panels, double glazing and insulation. In fact, all the obvious options when you think of measures to save the environment are therefore eligible for the green loan.

What is the green loan not intended for?

What is the green loan not intended for?

Naturally, the government strictly monitors the use of this scheme. The favorable conditions are, after all, attractive, which means that potential abuse of the scheme may lurk. It is therefore not intended that the green loan be used for purposes where environmental awareness and energy efficiency are of secondary importance. You are only eligible for the green loan if your renovation or renovation meets the requirements. Your lender can fully inform you about this.

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